European Social Survey European Research Infrastructure Consortium

Established in 2001, the European Social Survey is an academically led survey of social attitudes and beliefs. The survey is undertaken every two years and, to date, has completed 8 rounds of data collection. The ESS has taken place at least once in 36 countries across Europe. The European Social Survey (ESS) was awarded ERIC status in late 2013. The award of this status confirmed the recognition of the ESS as a critical pan-European Research Infrastructure in the social sciences. Article 2 of its Statutes outlines the tasks and activities of the ESS ERIC:

1. The principal object and task of the ESS ERIC shall be to establish and operate a research infrastructure with the following main objectives:

  • assembling, interpreting and disseminating via the European Social Survey or otherwise rigorous data on Europe’s social condition, including the shifting attitudes, values, perceptions and behavior patterns among citizens in different countries;
  • providing free and timely access to its accumulated data to professional users and members of the public;
  • furthering the advancement of methods of quantitative social measurements and analysis in Europe and beyond (30.11.2013 Official Journal of the European Union L 320/45)

Participation in this project is linked to the last objective of ESS ERIC.

The ESS ERIC is governed by an assembly of members, its General Assembly. Its Director, Dr Rory Fitzgerald, is its chief scientific officer and legal representative.



Rory Fitzgerald

Sarah Butt