Ivo Pilar Institute of Social Science (Croatia)

The Institute of Social Sciences Ivo Pilar (IPI) is a public institute of the Republic of Croatia. Its primary mission is to conduct high-quality interdisciplinary scientific and professional research in the field of social sciences and humanities. Since its foundation, the IPI has maintained a multidisciplinary approach in research, and its scientists have participated in more than 330 research projects, of which 60 international projects. They also teach in postgraduate and undergraduate programmes, primarily at the University of Zagreb. The IPI's activities are financed through the state budget at the national and regional level, with funds approved for scientific projects by the Croatian Science Foundation. Its activities are also financed through the contracts with international organisations, contracts of multilateral and/or bilateral cooperation, scientific and professional projects. IPI has developed a comprehensive network of cooperation with foreign and local institutions, universities, organizations, and researchers, and with international and regional governmental organisations, institutions and associations, and NGOs. The collaboration includes short-term or long-term projects and contracts.