KU Leuven (Belgium)

HIVA - Research Institute for Work and Society is a multidisciplinary research institution at KU Leuven. HIVA carries out scientific policy-oriented research. Our research responds very specifically to all sorts of questions posed by policy-makers. We do research that works! The combination of different disciplines under a single roof and our specialisation in policy-oriented research give HIVA a unique position not just within KU Leuven but also far beyond.

Applied and policy-oriented research is our core activity. HIVA is invested not just in the quality of the research, but also in the broad dissemination of this knowledge and these insights. Among other things, this takes place via the many publications and the organisation of numerous training initiatives such as seminars, conferences and workshops. Based on our research, we provide tailor-made evidence-based advice and expertise.

HIVA’s research activities are organised in four research groups. Together, they cover 10 different, often inter-related themes.

Our employees are passionate university researchers. Whether they are sociologists, economists, political scientists, educationalists, psychologists or engineers, they all strive to achieve the highest scientific quality and social relevance. New graduates and newly qualified PhD holders alike are given the opportunity to make the difference with us. They are coached by experienced research managers and professors. We enjoy working with other KU Leuven knowledge centres and other Belgian and foreign universities and we participate in numerous international scientific networks.

As HIVA, we consider it particularly important that you can make use of our services. We are open to discussion and cooperation in the areas of research, training or the provision of advice.