1st issue of EuroCohort working papers series now published


The working paper series of EuroCohort takes off with a paper by Daniela Cocchi, Francesco Giovinazzi (both from University of Bologna) and Peter Lynn (University of Essex) titled “Handling Non-Response in Longitudinal Surveys: A Review of Minimization and Adjustment Strategies and Implications for Eurocohort”.

This working paper aims to portray the state-of-the-art in minimization and adjustment strategies for both unit and item non-response in the framework of longitudinal surveys. First, the authors consider the aspects of survey design and implementation procedures that may reduce the occurrence of non-response in a survey. Secondly, they focus on modern weighting methods and imputation techniques that can be used to reduce the impact of non-response on estimation and data analysis. Drawing on these reviews, some recommendations are made for minimising the extent and impact of nonresponse and attrition on EuroCohort.

EuroCohort Working Papers are peer-reviewed outputs from European Cohort Development Project, published either in English or in national languages. The aim of the working paper series is to communicate the projects findings to a diverse audience, especially to academic researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.