Dr. Hayk Gyuzalyan joined the International Advisory Group of EuroCohort


The EuroCohort consortium welcomes Dr. Hayk Gyuzalyan to the International Advisory Group (IAG) and hopes to rely on his expertise in the further stages of planning the survey.

Dr. Hayk Gyuzalyan has previously worked at Ipsos MORI, Kantar Public/TNS, and Intrahealth International, and has taught subjects of Research Methods and Social Policy.  Working with a broad range of approaches and techniques, he specialises in international random probability survey projects, research among hard to reach groups, such as refugees and migrants, and developing survey feasibility projects.

He has overseen the design and application of methodology on several high profile international surveys covering 28+ countries: Life in Transition II (2010) and III (2015) for the World Bank and EBRD, 6th EWCS (2014) and 4th EQLS (2016) for Eurofound, Violence Against Women in EU (2012) for EU Fundamental Rights Agency, Eurobarometer surveys for the EC, and others. Dr. Hayk Gyuzalyan has also developed Feasibility studies for several international surveys: Feasibility Study for Fundamental Rights Survey for EU FRA, Feasibility Study among Asylum-Seekers in EU for EASO.

In addition to EuroCohort, Hayk is also engaged in an advisory role in several other survey research structures: Board of Strategic Advice of SERISS (Synergies for Europe’s Research Infrastructures in the Social Sciences), International Advisory Board of international Armenian Diaspora Survey for Gulbenkian Foundation, and the AAPOR/WAPOR Task Force on the Quality of Comparative Surveys.

The full member list of EuroCohort IAG is available here.