ECDP second meeting 26-27 April 2018, Zagreb

ECDP second meeting 26-27 April 2018, Zagreb

ECDP consortium members gathered to second project meeting in Zagreb on 26 April and 27 April. After the introductory talk by the project coordinator Gary Pollock (Manchester Metropolitan University), which provided an overview of the current standing, Haridhan Goswami (Manchester Metropolitan University) gave a lecture titled Common Understanding of Child Well Being stressing the hedonic and eudaimonic approaches to conceptualising well-being, importance of objective and subjective indicators of children and young people (CYP) well-being as well as relevant implications for the design of Eurocohort.

During the two-day meeting several workshops were held focussing on discussion of national policies relevant for of CYP well-being (WP2 Concepts, measurement and analysis requirement), the benefits of longitudinal studies for society and policies (WP3 The business case: Costs, cost-benefit analysis and case studies) and mapping of policy networks to raise political and financial support (WP4 Political and financial support).

Part of the meeting was devoted to current standing and plans for future in dissemination and communication activities (WP10 Communication and dissemination) and ethics issues (WP11 Ethics requirements). Also, the Ethics Committee and the Steering Committee meetings were held.

The meeting was hosted by the Croatian team at the Institute of social sciences Ivo Pilar, (IPI) Zagreb.