In the new blog post Gary Pollock talks about ECDP and Social Science Research Infrastructure strategy


Gary Pollock, the coordinator of EuroCohort project from Manchester Metropolitan University, explains in his blog post what the term research infrastructure means in social sciences. He stresses the need for internationally comparable longitudinal data which could be gathered using such infrastructure to better understand the social processes across Europe and, therefore, to enable better policy innovation to tackle social issues. Prof. Pollock states: “Within the ECDP consortium, we feel that we are ideally placed to rise to the challenges of developing an ambitious comparative cohort survey. We have the expertise, the drive and the support of the European Union.” Read the full blog post here.

The aim of the EuroCohort blog is to facilitate discussion on the issues important to the project participants ranging from child and youth well-being to longitudinal survey design and need for comparative data. The blog will feature stories from researchers, stakeholders and other parties interested in the issues related to the project.