The need for EuroCohort stressed in the latest Population Europe policy brief


The latest policy brief of Population Europe sends the message that research infrastructures such as EuroCohort, GGP and SHARE are a key to ensure high quality, evidence-based social policies in Europe.

Together, EuroCohort, GGP and SHARE can deliver a comprehensive picture of the European life course from early years until later life. They cover all the major phases of life and adapt the methods and content of their data collection to suit the target population. The three research infrastructures closely collaborate in order to ensure synergies, comparability in the data collected and deliver efficiencies and innovations in data collection processes.

Read more in the Policy Brief No. 24 „Securing High-quality Data on Populations“

Population Europe is the network of Europe’s leading research centres in the field of policy-relevant population studies. The network actively supports the projects of its partner institutes, but is also involved with its own activities. Their main objective is to help communicate the research conducted by the partners and share this knowledge through Discussion Paper series, Policy Briefs, and PopDigests. To help bring researchers into contact with the political, economic and societal communities, Population Europe organizes face-to-face events and webinars with stakeholders from these sectors.