Under new management

Under new management

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the GUIDE/EuroCohort consortium has a new leadership structure.  The project is now co-led with a team from the Geary Institute at University College Dublin (https://www.ucd.ie/geary/), led by Dr Jennifer Symonds, who are joining the Manchester Metropolitan team in coordinating the activities of the GUIDE consortium.

Dr Symonds said,  “It is an enormous privilege to work with Prof. Pollock and his team who have been the driving force behind GUIDE over the past two phases of its development. This new joint leadership arrangement allows the UCD team to contribute their expertise in child wellbeing and longitudinal cohort studies to the central strategy for GUIDE as the project matures into its next phase of infrastructure consolidation and pilot testing across Europe”

This co-leadership structure will provide the project management team with greater capacity to undertake the complexities involved with the next steps in developing the GUIDE research infrastructure.

Prof Pollock said,  “I am delighted to welcome Dr Symonds as co-leader of GUIDE and look forwards to working with her to initiate the preparatory phase of the project.The team which she has assembled at the Geary Institute will help enormously in furthering our work in developing both the research design of the survey and the governance of the consortium”