Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (Greece)

Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences of Athens is one of the largest and most historic public universities in Greece. Today, Panteion University has about 250 of academic staff, 18,500 students allocated in ten academic departments that function in the institutional framework of four schools, six Postgraduate Programs with 1,500 students, three Research Institutes, eighteen Research Centres and four Laboratories. The Department of Psychology has the experience to carry out the project’s work since it participated in two EU project with a special focus on young people, MYPLACE (Memory, Youth, Political Legacy and Civic Engagement, 2011-2015) and MYWEB (Measuring Youth Well-Being, 2014-2016). Since May 2015 the Department runs the HORIZON2020 project InnoSI (Innovative Social Investment: Strengthening Communities in Europe). Both the Department and the research team have the experience in conducting quantitative and qualitative studies, evaluation and project management.



Alexandra Koronaiou
George Alexias
Alexandros Sakellariou