Tallinn University (Estonia)

Tallinn University is one of the leading universities in Estonia in the field of Educational and Social Sciences. The most innovative approaches to different disciplines are promoted and a lot effort is made to attract eminent scholars to teach and visit the university each year resulting in the greatest percentage of foreigners working as regular academic employees at TLU among Estonian universities. The Institute of International Social Studies (IISS) (http://www.tlu.ee/en/Institute-of-International-Social-Studies) forms part of the Tallinn University and operates as its interdisciplinary research and development institute. The team have extensive experience in project/task co-ordination and management (e.g. leading several projects, including H2020 project EXCEPT with 10 partners, EU FP6 project LLL2010 with 13 participating countries etc) and extensive national and international research experience in the field of social inequality, sociology of education, life course studies, and comparative research, and have extensive expertise in comparative and life course quantitative and qualitative methods. In addition to numerous national and internationally funded research projects, the Institute also provides a number of important services to the public and for scientific research, such as the Annual Estonian Human Development Report and coordinates the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP) survey. As important is consulting, team members are serving regularly as experts for several national and European level institutions (Ministry of Education and Research, Ministry of Social Affairs, European Training Foundation, EC Mutual Learning Network, etc.).




Marge Unt

Epp Reiska

Ellu Saar

Jelena Helemäe