The Catalan Youth Agency

The Catalan Youth Agency is the governmental body responsible for youth policies in the Spanish region of Catalonia. Regions are fully responsible for children and youth policies in Spain. The ACJ is responsible for the design, development and evaluation of the National Youth Plan, which coordinates youth policies at local and regional government. The Catalan Youth Observatory (OCJ) is the unit of the ACJ devoted to creating relevant and updated knowledge on youth reality and policies and to knowledge transfer in the youth field. Among its activities, the OCJ carries out the Catalan Youth Survey, an official statistics of the Catalan Government which has consolidated as one of the main tools to analyse the situation of youth in Catalonia; develops research on the main topics concerning youth reality and policies; is responsible for the Indicators System on Youth Reality, another official statistics; organizes seminars and conferences; and produces guides and toolkits for developing local youth policies and assesses the Catalan government, municipalities and the youth work organizations.



Pau Serracant Melendres

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