University of Bologna (Italy)

Almost 1000 years old, the University of Bologna is known as the oldest University of the western world. Nowadays, UNIBO still remains one of the most important institutions of higher education across Europe and the second largest university in Italy with 11 Schools, 33 Departments and about 87.000 students. With regard to the capability of attracting funding, UNIBO is very active both at National and European level. At European level, with 87,8 million Euros from FP7 (274 projects funded in 2007-2013; in 58 of them UNIBO was coordinator) 37st in the European ranking of institutions of higher education. In Horizon 2020, UNIBO is involved in 111 funded projects – in 26 of them UNIBO is coordinator – with more than 39 million Euro. UNIBO is also partner of the EIT Knowledge & Innovation Communities: “EIT DIGITAL”, “EIT - Climate KIC”, “EIT Raw Materials”. At National level UNIBO ranks second for competitive research funding from the Italian Government.

The Department of Economics is one of the leading Italian economics departments and it is also internationally recognized for the quality of its research. The members the department are involved in many national and international research projects. The Department of Statistical Sciences promotes excellence in the teaching and research of Methodological and Applied Statistics. The large range of scientific activities of the Department covers various multidisciplinary subjects, the main ones being Methodological Statistics, Demography, Social Statistics, Economical Statistics, Econometrics, Marketing Research, Biostatistics, Environmental Statistics, Mathematics for Social Sciences, Applied Economics and Quality Control. In respect of its interdisciplinary nature, the Department has ongoing collaborations with other departments of the University of Bologna, both in the fields of humanities (e.g. Sociology, Economics and Political Science) and in the sciences (e.g. Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics).



Chiara Monfardini

Giulio Ecchia

Daniela Cocchi

Francesco Giovinazzi

Irene Di Marzio

Anh Nguyet Tran Thi