University of Saints Cyril and Methodius (Slovakia)

The University of Saints Cyril and Methodius in Trnava is a public university and legal entity founded in 1997. Its main aims are to preserve and develop education together with the scientific, academic and creative work in accordance with the national, humanist and democratic values. Its activities contribute to the development of education as part of the culture of whole society; they also contribute to increasing the scientific, technical and economic levels of the sphere of its activities. In its subsequent-up actions, the UCM follows the European and global development of science, technology, culture and arts. The university focuses on training and education of the highest qualification in providing education curricula, teaching students to understand, disseminate and preserve the national cultural heritage, and it leads students to creative, independent thinking, self- confidence and national pride.

The Faculty of Social Sciences is a young, medium-sized faculty with pronounced research orientation within the thematic trias "policy-administration-society." The faculty places special emphasis on initiating and maintaining a dialogue across traditional subject boundaries developing new forms of interdisciplinary cooperation. In the past the faculty was involving into the European research schemas and newly we started the search for new opportunities in Horizon2020 schema, including the Erasmus+ programmes. We can be proud to be the only one holder of Jean Monnet Chair in 2016 in Slovakia.



Jaroslav Mihálik

Edita Poórová

Michal Imrovič

Michal Garaj